git-show-index - Show packed archive index


git show-index


Read the .idx file for a Git packfile (created with git-pack-objects[1] or git-index-pack[1]) from the standard input, and dump its contents. The output consists of one object per line, with each line containing two or three space-separated columns:

  • the first column is the offset in bytes of the object within the corresponding packfile

  • the second column is the object id of the object

  • if the index version is 2 or higher, the third column contains the CRC32 of the object data

The objects are output in the order in which they are found in the index file, which should be (in a correctly constructed file) sorted by object id.

Note that you can get more information on a packfile by calling git-verify-pack[1]. However, as this command considers only the index file itself, it’s both faster and more flexible.


Part of the git[1] suite