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  1. Git in PowerShell


    RemoteSigned, only scripts having the ZoneIdentifier set to Internet (were downloaded from the web) need to be signed, others not. If you’re an administrator

  2. Working with Remotes


    are versions of your project that are hosted on the Internet or network somewhere. You can have several of them, each of which generally is either read-only or read/write for you. Collaborating with

  3. Signing Your Work


    Signing Your Work Git is cryptographically secure, but it’s not foolproof. If you’re taking work from others on the internet and want to verify that

  4. The Protocols


    isn’t. This means that there is generally no pushing over this protocol. You can enable push access but, given the lack of authentication, anyone on the internet who finds your project’s URL could push

  5. Git Attributes


  6. Migrating to Git


  7. Git Objects


  8. Git in Visual Studio


  9. Libgit2


  10. Getting and Creating Projects


  11. gitfaq


    proxy that didn't correctly support HTTP/1.1 and chunked transfer encoding wouldn't be that useful on the Internet today, since it would break lots of traffic. + Note that increasing this value will

  12. git-parse-remote


  13. bundle-format


  14. chunk-format


  15. commit-graph-format


  16. cruft-packs


  17. http-protocol


  18. index-format


  19. pack-format


  20. pack-protocol