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  1. Branching Workflows


    Branching Workflows Now that you have the basics of branching and merging down, what can or should you do with them? In this section

  2. Branching and Merging


    Branching and Merging There are just a handful of commands that implement most of the branching and merging functionality in Git.

  3. Basic Branching and Merging


    Basic Branching and Merging Let’s go through a simple example of branching and merging with a workflow that you might use in the

  1. Summary


    those changes, and viewing the history of all the changes the repository has been through. Next, we’ll cover Git’s killer feature: its branching model. prev | next

  2. A Short History of Git


    , Git has evolved and matured to be easy to use and yet retain these initial qualities. It’s amazingly fast, it’s very efficient with large projects, and it has an incredible branching system for non

  3. Summary


    Summary We’ve covered basic branching and merging in Git. You should feel comfortable creating and switching to new branches, switching between

  4. Working with Remotes


    . (We’ll go over what branches are and how to use them in much more detail in Git Branching.)

  5. Undoing Things


    like to keep the changes you’ve made to that file but still need to get it out of the way for now, we’ll go over stashing and branching in Git Branching; these are

  6. Branches in a Nutshell


    Nearly every VCS has some form of branching support. Branching means you diverge from the main line of development and continue to do work without messing with that main line. In many VCS tools

  7. What is Git?


    when we cover Git branching in Git Branching. Nearly Every Operation Is Local

  8. git-cvsimport


    time window the order of commits may be wrong. Problems related to branches: * Branches on which no commits have been made are not imported. * All files from the branching point are added to a

  9. git-switch


    tell us to use `hack` as the local branch when branching off of `origin/hack` (or `remotes/origin/hack`, or even `refs/remotes/origin/hack`). If the given name has no slash, or the above guessing

  10. git-checkout


    would tell us to use `hack` as the local branch when branching off of `origin/hack` (or `remotes/origin/hack`, or even `refs/remotes/origin/hack`). If the given name has no slash, or the above guessing

  11. git-rebase


    -merges`, the rebase will instead try to preserve the branching structure within the commits that are to be rebased, by recreating the merge commits. Any resolved merge conflicts or manual